Saturday, 31 December 2011


Hi people!! Got some coloured contacts which i didnt need cos i have 2 pairs.
So here they are!

Get one side for $18, one pair for $30!!!
Please help to clear, thanks soo much!!
Fast deals can get small discounts

Pink solitaire Dezigner series

very pretty series which makes your eyes bigger too!

I only have 2 pieces, one is -2.00, one is -3.50.

Saturday, 2 July 2011




Please do remember to take a second look at my instocks!!! All QYOPPPP now!!
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BTW, im looking for a cath kidston wallet, the white one with the ferris wheel design.
if you know what it is, you'd definitely have seen the photo. so yeap.
If you have it, please email me. TRADES AH PLEASE. THANKS SO MUCH!! ^^

Monday, 27 June 2011


Hello babes!! XD

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

School Notes

Hi dear valued customers!
Fashionsupply is now providing this new service that is not available anywhere else- Study Notes~!

Who are Study Notes for?
Currently, I'm doing it for Secondary 1-4!!
What are Study Notes?
Well, as the name says it all, its notes that i've accumulated from everywhere- School, tuitions, self-study.
I'll colate all of them together to give a detailed explanation of the topic(s).
This is like self tuition- very cheap! You won't have to stay up late to prepare notes anymore! :D
All notes that I do will be on A4 Sized paper(Plain/Fullscap).

What is included inside?
Study Notes will be made up of 3 components.
1) A brief summary of the entire topic. (Can be in mindmap/point form)
2) A detailed explanation of every single bit of the topic.
3) Some 'Check Points' a.k.a. tryout questions that can be done through or after reading the notes.

What topics do you do it for?
Lower Sec Syllabus:
-Social Studies

Upper Sec Syllabus:
-Pure Biology
-Pure Chemistry
-Pure Physics
-Social Studies

What do you have for topics such as English and Chinese that cant really have proper content kind of notes?
Fret not. There ARE tips to excel and to score well in these subjects.
These are what I am going to include in to make sure you excel in areas such as comprehension and oral and stuff! (: Not to mention additional practice(:

When can i get it?
The waiting time would be 1week + or so. (since i DO put in a lot of effort)
but i do accept urgent cases.
Those who want it in 1 week's time = Add 10% to total bill
Those who want it in 5 days time = Add 20% to total bill
Those who want it even earlier= email me(:

 How do you charge?
I charge by topic.
topic its $8 ONLY.
1 subject its $40 ONLY. (Note: 1 subject has around 10 topics)
The rates above are for people who purchase only one  topic/subject. For those who are buying more than 1, it'll definitely be cheaper, just mail me and i'll give you the discounted rates yeah? :DD
(However, there are some Major topics such as some in amath, those i will charge a bit more)
Damn cheap already. somemore this is what i've accumulated over the years and its NOT what you can get by buying those $10+ assessment books out there.
FYI i spend long hours preparing these notes...
If you buy more topics, i'll Definitely give you cheaper!!!
Dont hesistate to email me if you've any queries! ^^

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Preloved INSTOCKS!!



Isn't is GREATT?? XD
*cash deals over trades: if we havent meetup, and there is someone else int in cash deals, priority for them(:
BUY NOW!! (:

sold items removed to prevent confusion. happy shopping~!
ALL INSTOCKS QYOPPPPPP!!!!!!Get yours now before its all gone!!

[Not included in the QYOP sales]
got from a spree

suspenders? YES
blouse? YES
cute pants? YES!

ALL 3 pieces up! A WHOLE SET YO~
very very pretty when worn(:
fast deals at $27

suspenders can be detached.
the best thing is the suspenders wont keep falling out of your shoulders because its like a Y shape(:
so you look pretty all the time babe <3

all time fav! XD

Peace Ring
Brand New

Vintage camera necklace

Mine's in HOTPINK!
very pretty^^
Brand New In BOX.

Keep going Anti Radiation sticker .
1 piece

2. Taylormade Socks.
Condition: BNIP!! .

ELMO VINTAGE TEE, free size!
Condition: worn about 2-3 times.

Red 3 quarter jeans, Size L.
Hang ten. comfy and good material.
casual look/fun look.
Condition: worn 2-3 times.

Black tanktop.
ALANO tagged size L but fits S-M.
Condition: .worn ONCE ONLY.
*pending for cash deals
Black and White striped tanktop, fits size S-M.
Condition: Worn 2-3 times.
Grey half Jacket with gold accessories.
colour is very nice on actual,
with gold zip and gold stars on collar.
rubberised on sleeve and waist, makes you look slimmer and more proportionate.
*pending for cash deals
Black tee shirt with bears, free size.
NOT FOUND IN SG. bought overseas.
the middle teddy is furry. FABULOUS WORKMANSHIP.
Condition: BNIP!! will keep if nobody wants.

Sweetpink dress(:
its not see through as there’s a another layer
black glossy leggings with gold zips at the end
Condition: not washed before. packaging on! 

Tigger shirt(genuine), free size
Condition: BNIP!!
1.Babypink shirt. Free Size.
2.Pooh&tigger star shirt. Size S-M.
3.Sleeveless orange tigger windsurf shirt. Size S-M.
4. Orange grey pooh shirt. Free Size.
Condition: BNIP!!(:

Ankle Socks!!
3 colours available, yellow, nice green, hotpink! (more pinkish then pic)
Condition: washed(i thought i would wear it). but otherwise BRAND NEW.

Sleeveless grey shirt.
zips and collar is yellow mesh like material.
but dont worry the mesh like material is not rough, its smooth and COMFY.
great for a day out with family/casual/off to tuition! :D
Condition: washed but BRAND NEW.

Cute-Hotpink button up shirt, Size S-M.
pink looks much nicer on actual.
silver bling star prints on it.
good looking piece here, can match well with many bottoms.
Condition: BNIP.

left: white FILA shirt. tagged XL but fits M-L.
GOOD material breathable.
perfect for a picnic/entire day out.
Condition: BNIP!! woohoo.
right: yellow shirt. free size.
no brand but it is very comfortable i have another one myself.
i really like shirts like these.
great for a day out/chill out.
Condition: BNIP!!
JUNIOR shirt. genuine and branded.
fits size S. tight fitting for M.
cutepink colour. a lil darker in actual.
needless to say both are good casual wear and COMFY XD
Condition: both BNIP!!

dark pink office wear shirt. size S-M.
collar has nice designs that accentuates your curves.
can wear for formal/ tuition. depending on bottoms.

Condition: BNIP!!

Light blue oversized shirt
Good to match with leggings/highwaist shorts.
really fun piece to match with various accessories.
small pocket at right chest area.
Condition: worn ONCE ONLY!
its really popular among teenage girlz now, GRAB YOURS!!
it tones down your body, makes you look SKINNIER^^

black studded shorts. BNIP. veryvery pretty piece. fits around NF 24-27.
studs at the back pocket.
mail me for real pics if 90% int.


in the above 2 colours
BRAND NEW. even the seal is not taken off.
*pending for partial trades(:

it didnt state how many ml but its the small one(:
For Soft touch hair designing(:
Used ONLY ONCE to try. Perfect condition.
grab me noww!!

Beauty Back Support - $20 No QYOP for this
The Posture Aid Support is designed to help pull the shoulders back and straighten the Spine.
"Chest Out Tummy In" attractive posture.
Adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort.
Coffee color, as pictured.
So thin that is almost invisible under clothings.
Medium: 70-75 cm (Under Bust)

Slimming Toe Ring - $6 No QYOP for this
[Best seller in Japan]

Super thigh slimmer - $20 No QYOP for this
Enhances blood circulation. Say goodbye to 'Fat' Legs now!
It is a revolutionary new slimming leggings that can give you a sexy, leggy and curvy hourglass figure instantly.
The secret is in the exclusive Japan wave concave-convex weave engineering to massage, sculpt, shape, firm and slenderise. And it does all of this in comfort. It support from upper thigh just below your groin to your knees ensuring all of your problem areas are targeted.
It hides bulges, bumps and rolls making you look tight and trim. It will help you fit into your favourite pair of jeans; slinky dress or tailored business suits comfortably.
Color: Black
Size: 40 - 58 cm

Super Waist Shaper $20 No QYOP for this
[Best seller in Japan & Taiwan]
Material:Nylon & spandex
Fit waist:25"-33"

Domo sling bag/pencil case
20cm x 13cm
Brand New!!
 [credits to B-N]
active clear speed clearing ACNE gel
used one for myself.
works like magic.
acne disappears wthin 4 hours.
i suggest those with acne problem to USE THIS.

eagle printed.
available in beige/purple colour. colour not true to pic.
colours for plain design is green, beige, pink.
 good quality stuff^^ can fit bigger than A4

Driving gloves. marching gloves. hand cream overnight glove. MULTI PURPOSE.
the package inside actually got 2 pairs, i used 1 pair.



polka dot bag. yellow base. can pull the strings.
There’s a slight ink smudge on left of bag

LYRA kneadable eraser.
eraser like dough!!
can use as normal eraser.
(usually used for smudging pencil mark to make faint gradient drawing)

SINGTEL BAG. expandable.
good for camps. can use once then throw away.